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Vehicle Lifts

GRAE Inc. is your certified supplier and repair facility for Challenger Lifts.

We can also service, install and relocate most other brands of vehicle lifts, including, but not limited to : Rotary, Hofmann, Ford Smith, Forward, Hunter, Wheeltronic, Snap-on… and more.

With a new above ground 10,000lb lift starting at $3,995(Cash&Carry) to $150,000 multi-post 99,000lb in-ground lifts, we have you covered.

Looking to park your beauty for the Winter? No problem. Light duty 8,000lb 4-post parking lifts are suited for the job.

If you have an existing lift which is in need of new cables, repair a lock, shop relocation or simply an annual lift inspection, feel free to give us a call at 1-855-723-4723

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