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All services performed by Grand River Automotive Equipment are backed by an item/service specific warranty, WSIB and Liability Insurance.

Costs for services will vary. The list below dictates the fee structure for a few of the services rendered by GRAE.

Base Pricing as of Jan 09, 2017 (Subject to change at any time):
[All Item# are ‘Price for Service; Parts/Supplies are Extra’, unless otherwise noted. Weekends, Call for Pricing]
[All Item# include 40km One-Way trip to your facilities. Additional distance is an added $1.00/km Each-Way. 407ETR, additional $0.75/km]

  • Item10: Service Call To Your Door : $77.50 ($40 + 1/2Hr @ $75/hr) (Additional Time $75/hr calculated every 15min) (Additional Visits due to unforeseen issues is a New Service Call)
  • Item11: Bear/Cartek Alignment Machine Calibration : $195 (Software Update $CALL)
  • Item12: Bear/Cartek Alignment Machine Training of Software and Basic Alignment Theory, 1.5hr : $185
  • Item13: Hoist Training, Q&A, Quiz, Attendance Certificate for up to 5 Employees, 1.5hr : $195 (Additional Employees $25 each)
  • Item20: 2-Post Above Ground Hoist Installation, Up to 12,000lb : $600 (Into an Empty and Clean Bay, Lift On-Site, NO ELECTRICAL, NO OIL). (Pick-up&Delivery additional $1.40/km Round-Trip) (Conventional Hydraulic Oil $4/L. Synthetic AMSOIL® Hydraulic Oil $CALL) (4-Post $CALL) (Medium and Heavy Duty Lift $CALL) (Bendpak, Bishamon, Dannmar, Ford-Smith, Hydralift or Stenhøj $CALL)
  • Item21: 2-Post Above Ground Hoist Relocation&Installation, Up to 12,000lb : $800 (Tear down, hoist transportation and hoist installation with up to 10pcs 3/4″ x 5-1/2″ Wedge Anchors, Into an Empty and Clean Bay, NO ELECTRICAL, NO OIL). (Additional Anchors $8 each. Out of town delivery additional $1.40/km Round-Trip) (4-Post $CALL) (Medium and Heavy Duty Lift $CALL) (Bendpak, Bishamon, Dannmar, Ford-Smith, Hydralift or Stenhøj $CALL)
  • Item22: 2-Post Above Ground Hoist Relocation, Up to 12,000lb : $450 (Tear down and hoist transportation only). (Out of town delivery additional $1.40/km Round-Trip) (4-Post $CALL) (Medium and Heavy Duty Lift $CALL) (Bishamon, Ford-Smith, Hydralift or Stenhøj $CALL)
  • Item23: Other Equipment Relocation : $CALL
  • Item30: 2-Post Above Ground Hoist Annual Inspection (A): $95 (Includes Basic Visual Inspection, Fastener Inspection, Checklist and Serialized Sticker). (4-Post ADD $35 + $15/Rolling Jack)
  • Item31: 2-Post Above Ground Hoist Annual Inspection (B): $130 (Item30 + Minor Service including Cable Adjustments, Joint Lubrication). (4-Post ADD $65 + $25/Rolling Jack)
  • Item32: 2-Post Above Ground Hoist Annual Inspection (C): $220 (Item31 + Replacement of Hydraulic Oil, up to 20L). (4-Post ADD $65 + $45/Rolling Jack)
  • Item33: Pit Jack Annual Inspection : $60 (Minimum 2 Pit Jacks)
  • Item34: Floor Jack, Jack Stands, Bumper Jack Annual Inspection : $CALL
  • Item40: Air Compressor Service <=15Hp Piston : $165 (Includes up to 2x Intake Filters, up to 3L Synthetic AMSOIL® Compressor Oil, Belt Check/Adjustment, Pressure Check/Adjustment) (Extra AMSOIL® Compressor Oil $CALL)
  • Item41: Air Compressor Service >15Hp Piston : $CALL
  • Item42: Air Compressor Service Screw/Worm/Vane Drive : $CALL
  • Item50: Facility Layout (Empty Existing Building, Up To 3,000sq.ft., 1hr Labour) : $700 (Includes 2D Floor Plan, 3D Virtual Image and Optimal Garage Equipment Location). (Additional sq.ft. $75/hr)
  • Item51: Facility Layout (Existing Building, New/Relocation of Items, Up To 3,000sq.ft.) : $850 (Item50 + Existing and New Layouts)
  • Item52: Facility Layout (New Building) : $CALL (Item50 + Office, Storage, Exhaust Ventilation Layout and other equipment placement)