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Grand River Automotive Equipment is a registered Independent AMSOIL® Dealer #5279063.

With ever increasing competition it is becoming more difficult for your garage to become noticed. AMSOIL® can help by providing piece of mind to your customers. While being the first with an API approved synthetic lubricant in North America, they are also the first, and only, to provide a 40,000km/700Hr/1-Year oil change! How, you may ask, does this make your garage more money? Simple. Contact Us and we will show you how.

Engine oil is not the only synthetic product that AMSOIL® has to offer. You can –Click Here– for their catalog.

Already aware of their products? To purchase direct from AMSOIL® by Phone, dial toll-free 1-800-777-7094 between 7am-5pm Central Time. Be sure to give the Operator a Sponsor # 5279063. Or you can –Click Here– and browse their website.

  • Are you a Fleet Manager? Interested in lowering your equipment down time while prolonging their life expectancy? AMSOIL® offers a wide range of products for fleet vehicles. -Click Here- and -Here- for more information. Watch this –Video– about a taxi company in Wisconsin who switched to AMSOIL®, or read the –Field Study– on a Las Vegas taxi company.
  • In the Construction Industry? Manage a Manufacturing Plant? AMSOIL® knows how hard you need to push your excavator, dump truck, generators, compressors. Time is money. When you can depend on your equipment you are sure to save time and make more money. -Click Here- and -Here- for more information. In this -Video- AMSOIL® grease is subject to a ‘Pound Out’ test. Compared to a few competitive greases, the Polymeric Off-Road Grease (GPOR) resists testing impacts and adheres to the equipment.
  • Winter time can bring extreme cold situations. Using an inferior product lowers the potential of your equipment. Do you keep your engine running all Winter long? Are you afraid your back-up generator won’t start when you need it the most? This –Video– will demonstrate how well AMSOIL® Synthetic Engine Oil can be circulated in an engine at temperatures as low as -40°.

Unsure of the fluids you require? The images below will guide you to what you are looking for.

Auto and Light Truck Look-Up Guide

Motorcycle Look-Up Guide

ATV Look-Up Guide


Utility Vehicle Look-Up Guide


Personal Watercraft Look-Up Guide

Marine Outboard Look-Up Guide

Snowmobile Look-Up Guide


Small Engine Look-Up Guide



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